Jeff koons Live in Tuscany


Whoever thinks that Florence is a city that has remained trapped in its past is very wrong!

Florence is alive, dynamic, constantly evolving.

To tell the truth, there’s something that hasn’t changed: as in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, Florence is still today a hothouse of ideas, talents and expressions, and those who want to face these new experiences find here, today as well as 6 centuries ago, fertile ground.

As far as art is concerned, right now in Florence we have two modern art exhibitions of two of the most important contemporary artists: Jeff Koons at Palazzo Strozzi, Jenny Saville at the Museo Novecento.

But there are also many and varied expressions of street art that can be admired simply by walking through the streets: from the modified signs of Clet, to the “masked” paintings of Blub, to the poems posted on the walls…. it is enough to simply walk around to enjoy not only masterpieces created by the greatest masters of the past, but also modern and current artistic expressions that invite us, today as then, to reflection and admiration.

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