Mine is a strange job, you love or you hate it.

I don’t have a office, my office could be maybe one day the Uffizi Gallery, the day after the Accademia Gallery, or the Duomo Square… I don’t have a desk, I don’t have a coffee machine nearby, and maybe in this sort of “office” in winter I freeze and in summer I sweat… but I have the possibility to be surrounded by beauties all day long, if I’m tired I can sit and rest on a bench just watching people’s hustle and bustle, or I can stop in one of the many cafè of the center drinking a cappuccino!

I don’t have a scheduled time, sometimes I start working early in the morning,
sometimes I work by night, probably I’ll be working during festivity when all the rest of the world is at home… and even when I’m at home there is always something to study, an artwork to review, or a story to remember! Also, there may be lines of tourists in front of museums, the heat, or the rain, people rushing to see as much as possible in the shortest time, sure many things that make this job quite hard, but your enchanted look in front of a work of art, your “Wow” in front of a monument, that for somebody could become just a whisper with tears in their eyes, they pay back all the sacrifices and effort done!

As I said, mine is a strange job, you love or you hate it. And I do love it.